Commercial due diligence

A core component in our business development and consulting approach is fact-based market auditing and commercial due diligence = exploration.

This stems from our firm belief and professional experience that market and sector insights are crucial success factors for startups, SMEs and major corporations alike and applies to strategic partrnerships, too. Our offerings in this field comprise:

Market & stakeholder analysis, opportunity assessment, go-to-market evaluation
For a market segment we describe the market volume, development, trends, sales channels, major potential customers and competitors, interviews with key persons, marketing and sales opportunities.

Key account survey, customer databases and sales lead generation
Detailed analysis of a high priority customer: Organization, international structure, key figures, strategies, personal interviews with 4-6 top managers, contact data for decision makers. Via tele or face-to-face interviews we establish a top-50 potential customer database with key company data, decision-maker profiles, address, phone or email. While interviewing for the customer database the top-50 customers are asked about buying intentions for a specific product, and categorized as: A) Positive, B) Maybe, C) Negative.

Market intelligence, strategy foundation and business plan writing
By subscription to global information sources and market intelligence providers we can produce a customised screening of specific products or markets, or selected competitors, by geography and/or by business vertical.

Business partner search
Strategic considerations, desired profile, identification of 3-5 candidates, brief introduction.

Partner evaluation
Financial data, business intelligence, evaluation of management, interviews with customers and suppliers.

Feasibility study
Assessment of the opportunities in a company set up or joint venture in a foreign country, market potential, owner structure, organisation, production, sourcing, marketing, profitability, cash flow, financing.


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