Our purpose and business is to help companies and organizations explore and exploit market opportunities internationally.

InterMark offers outstanding expertise in healthcare go-to-market and business development strategy support to the management, boards, and investors of life science companies.
For more than a decade we have provided insights-driven and value-creating services to the healthcare industry, including hands-on field marketing and business development assignments for our clients.

>> Business development consulting
Our core competence is providing solid and fact-based decision support and to assist our clients in prioritizing and improving their business by means of:
  • fact-based market auditing and commercial due diligence = exploration
  • customized business development and field marketing = execution
  • operational, tactical and strategic partnering services and alliance management consulting = channel optimization, leverage, roll out and scale up

Based on systematic market research and focused customer and segment deep-dives, we conduct feasibility studies and prospecting for individual companies as well as groups and networks of companies.

>> Alliance management

We pick the management tools and techniques best suited to the occasion and the client’s internal and external issues.

Over the years, however, we have – along with our clients - come to favour collaborative concepts and are specialists in alliance formation and management. Joining forces with other companies that complement our clients’ own competences has proven a solid and succesful strategy for small, medium-sized and major corporations alike.

Preparing partnerships and mastering business relationships, though, represents a multitude of management challenges. At InterMark we take pride in helping our clients overcome the hurdles and reap the rewards that their collaboration portfolio deserves. Particularly when it comes to multi-partner alliances. Ask us how.