Alliance Diagnostics

Understanding and addressing the critical succes factors that can make or break your alliance through analysis and benchmarking

Alliance Diagnostics is an Alliance Best Practice (ABP) tool, which through a thorough company analysis allows organisations to improve their understanding and handling of the critical success factors in strategic alliances by benchmarking the company with:

  • A specific alliance partner
  • Industry alliance best practice, or
  • Generic alliance best practice
  • Conducting the ABP analysis will enable you to identify and focus on the right action(s) to be taken to expand your partnership and enhance the alliance-generated revenue stream to your organization.

The framework

The ABP framework consists of questions related to 52 factors* or elements categorized around 5 critical business and performance dimensions: Commercial, Technical, Strategic, Cultural and Operational.
Conducting the ABP diagnostic involves a 5 step process:

  • Discuss and agree how to tailor the best practice alliance model to your specific company needs
  • Analyze the state of the 52 factors related to your company and your alliance partner(s) at 3 levels - executive, management, and end-user
  • Collect all scores and feed them into the diagnostic modelling tool
  • Feedback results to both partners and explore differences
  • Agree differences and agree remedial action plans - both short-term, and long-term


If you have an alliance malfunction it most likely will stand in the way for you (and your partner) to to fully reap the rewards of your business relationship. Every collaboraticve initiative deserves at least one annual alliance health check. Alliance Diagnostics will help you and your company duly attend to and act upon sub-optimal situations. Let us help you define and discuss how to address your alliance issues. Give us a call or fill in the form to the right, click "Send", and we will contact you shortly. Tick the box if you wish to receive our newsletter on alliance matters.

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